If you are bothered by a small chin or a lack of facial contour,

plastic surgery with facial implants may benefit you.

Facial Enhancement

Facial enhancement is typically performed by placing various types of implants within the face to bring balance and better projection to the bone structure. If you are bothered by a small chin, a narrow jaw line or poor projection of the cheeks, plastic surgery with facial implants will benefit you. In addition to facial enhancement, Dr. Freedland also offers facial procedures such as face & neck lifts and lip enlargement.

Dr. Freedland will evaluate the features you wish to correct and provide you with options. He will also discuss the surgical technique in great detail.


“You probably hear this all the time but I had to write and say how much I appreciate your efforts. Because of you, I look at life a whole new way.”

Terri B., Beverly Hills. MI

“I never thought I could look this way. My biggest fear was the amount of pain. Not only did you take away my fears but the pain too.”

J.M. Livonia, MI